"Saving The Earth One Vehicle At a Time"

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The invention of the automobile is one of the greatest achievements of the human race and its evolution is ongoing.We believe we have the technology to take the automobile and the combustion engine to a whole new level.Traditional gasoline
and diesel combustion engines are not nearly as efficient and clean as they can be,We have a solution to both these issues.
Our technology takes the existing fuel powered engine and creates a dual fuel engine, one which runs on two basic fuel sources.Our technology creates an engine which is cleaner and far less polluting than traditional engines but also reduces the wear and failure rate of the engine and the cost per mile to operate.Our technology creates a cleaner enviroment  and a Nation less dependent on imported oil.America has a large and abundant source of natural gas which is much cleaner and cheaper to use.The time has come to harness this great resource,reduce our carbon footprint and create American Jobs.
We do this Without sacrificing the vehicles we need to work with,deliver our goods and services and transport our families.

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